Newscast &
Current Events

Adam was a part of the daily YouTube show TimCastIRL, between January and August 2020.

After his political awakening, Adam started his own channel to discuss Current Events, among other things.

Follow his daily news briefings and relaxed commentary at

Original Music

Adam sings, plays guitar, and has been writing music since 2006. Influences include Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, 
and Sublime. He has played at renowned New York venues like CBGB's and Joe's Pub.
Below are some live performances by Adam. Recordings coming soon!

Interviews & Deep Dives

In "Deep Dives", Adam researches people of interest and discuss their lives with an assortment of co-hosts.
Adam also does interviews, usually once a week. 
Shows are broadcasted live on AdamCastIRL.


Adam started skating in 2005 and made himself a name in the longboarding scene.

He started riding for Bustin Boards 2009. In 2012, he started riding for Arbor Skateboards.

Doing a bit of everything, Adam became known as the all-around freestyle longboarder.

Adam In Real Life

Topics outside of Current Events and "Deep Dives", as well as videos of a more personal nature, will be gathered here.
In addition to music and skateboarding, Adam's interests include space, video games, sci-fi, ancient mysteries, movies, science, and nature.

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